Dell XPS Review, a DVD burner and more NVIDIA SLI

Good evening folks!  Thankfully, I have completely recovered from this weekend's festivities (my girl threw me an awesome surprise party for my birthday), and decided to stop in for a quick shot of news.  Most of the action today was dominated by NVIDIA's SLI announcement and Intel's Nacona news, but there were some other goodies posted as well.  Here's goes...

 Dell Inspiron XPS Notebook Review @ Hard|OCP:

"The Dell Inspiron XPS brings forth a level of game playability that allows you the power to easily head off to any LAN game and compete, or to enjoy the latest 3D adventure in the privacy of your home. And then without issue, you can use it for those daily computing chores and later carry it to the office to get some work done."

 Gigabyte GO-W0808A DVD Burner Review @ PCStats:

"Business has long embraced the CD-R/RW as a means of backing up information, or sending large files from one location to another. With the advent of record able DVD media, system administrators can cost effectively back up data onto one DVD, rather than spanning a backup over 10 or 20 CD's! In this review, PCstats is looking at the new Gigabyte GO-W0808A DVD burner. The Gigabyte GO-W0808A supports 8x DVD+/-R and 4x DVD+/-RW writing methods, as well as burning of CD-R's at 40x, and CD-RW's at 24x. The drive is able to read all DVD discs at 8x, CD/CD-R's at 40x, and CD-RW discs at 32x. All in all, this makes the Gigabyte GO-W0808A a very versatile optical drive with a sticker price of approximately $160CDN."

 Gainward Ultra/1300XT TV-DVI Golden Sample @ Explosive Labs:

"When it all comes down the entire point of the 5900XT line of video cards was to give consumers something with fair performance for around the $200 USD mark. Manufacturers have really been taking it upon themselves to make such cards more attractive and Gainward has done quite a good job at it. At around $260, which is quite higher than price point just mentioned, The Gainward Ultra/1300XT TV-DVI Golden Sample is still a great buy. Cheaper than a 5900 Ultra and almost half the cost of a 5950 Ultra it is hard to not like this card especially when it is capable of performing better and/or at the same speeds as each."

 Opus Technologies MT-200 Case Review @ XYZ Computing:

"The MT-200 is an ATX-sized case with a steel chassis and a titanium exterior. It utilizes a highly polished titanium surface and completely tool-less installation. The titanium is featured on the two sides and the top of the case and is done in a classy mirror finish. Also on each panel are a number on textured squares on the titanium- as opposed to having a mirror polish these have a courser, satin finish on them."

 Neoseeker Nvidia SLI Preview:

"Nvidia is upping the ante significantly with SLI. The performance crown in the current generation of products is muddy at best but with SLI there leaves little doubt as to who will hold the bragging rights of fastest video solution. The summary of follow up questions to Nvidia omitted one of my concerns - one of the problems that faced 3dfx was the incredible expectations that followed after the 3dfx-SLI Voodoo2. The Voodoo3 provided little in terms of a performance increase and left a lot of enthusiasts jaded so it will be important for Nvidia to actually keep up with SLI in the future so relative performance will increase."

That's just about going to do it for this installment.  See you soon...