Dell XPS 11 Windows 8 Laptop and Tablet Convertible Challenges Lenovo’s Yoga

It’s a veritable form factor jamboroo in the PC and mobile markets these days. Companies like Samsung are trying to find the sweet spot(s) with a host of different smartphones, phablets, and tablets, and companies such as Lenovo are completely rethinking the notebook with convertible designs. Dell is now getting into the fray with the XPS 11, its own version of a convertible notebook that should compete squarely with Lenovo’s Yoga.

The XPS 11 is billed as the “thinnest, lightest, and most compact convertible on the market”, and Dell says that it’s really designed as a tablet first and a notebook second. It offers 360-degree rotation, and it starts at 2.5lbs and 15mm in height.

Dell XPS-11

It has an Intel 4th-generation Core i5 (Haswell) processor, Intel HD 4400 graphics, an SSD for storage, and full Windows 8 on board. The keyboard is a touch-style keyboard that requires a hard surface to type on, but it’s backlit. Dell boasts that the display has the highest resolution compared to devices in its class, and the device supports touch and voice control capabilities.

The XPS 11 sounds like an intriguing device, but unfortunately Dell doesn’t yet have pricing or availability information for us. However, it will be available later this year.