Dell Teases Adamo XPS: A 9.99mm-Thin Notebook

There isn't much to go on yet, but Dell's still-young Adamo lineup is about to grow by 1. Or by 9.99, depending on what measure you're looking at. Just a few months after Dell introduced the standard Adamo--which was amazingly sleek and thin in its right--the company has now confessed that another Adamo is on the way.

The Adamo XPS, as it will be called, hints at high performance and slim size, with a chassis that measures just 9.99mm thick. The tease was timed to launch on 9/9/09, though Dell won't say when this beauty will be fully revealed and shipped. Those interested in signing up for future details can visit the teaser page and input their e-mail address, but we would assume something this slick will cost quite a bit.