Dell Launches a "Conscientious" PC

You'll hear a PC labeled as many things, from "an uber-gaming system" to "budget-minded" and more, but this PC is "eco-friendly," or as Dell calls it, its first "conscientious" desktop. It was announced (though unnamed) at Fortune Brainstorm: Green in Los Angeles on (what else) Earth Day, earlier this year, and launched on Tuesday. The idea of this desktop PC was to put laptop components into it, to reduce size and power consumption.

With its ovoid-cylindrical design, the Dell Studio Hybrid is a new twist on the small-form-factor PC.

Its size, though, is reminiscent of others in that space, including the Apple Mac mini, and HP's Slimline PCs like the s3330f. The Dell Studio Hybrid costs $874 direct, and $1,064 with a 19-inch widescreen monitor.

It's an energy-efficient and environment-friendly design (hence the "hybrid" moniker), but thanks to its Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 Penryn-based processor, it can keep up not only with the other systems in the compact space but with larger tower-based PCs as well.

To be honest, the system (already available) itself, sans monitor and keyboard, reminds us of an external hard or optical drive.  In fact, it seems very similar to an old Plextor we have lying around.

Will this "green" PC add green to Dell's bank account?  Hard to say; if we want notebook components we generally stick with a notebook.  However, you still can't get a notebook in bamboo (though Asus is trying), and green is attractive to consumers nowadays, so who knows?  And yes, it does come in the color green.
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