Dell Discontinues XPS 14, Hints At Even Thinner Replacement

Wow, talk about dying out quick. Dell's XPS 14 has only been on sale for less than half a year, but already the company is confirming that it has been discontinued. This news comes just days after HP decided to cancel the Envy 13 while letting their 14" ultraportable pick up the slack. Clearly, Dell's not having the same story running with its ultraportable lineup. The XPS 14 was a fairly well-regarded machine, offering a nice mix of power/performance while still being more mobile than most of today's larger, bulkier 15.6"+ notebooks.

According to a statement released by the company, sales weren't a problem. The 14 managed to beat sales expectations, in fact. So, why cancel it? Here's their quote:

"With the transition to Sandy Bridge technology, we chose to re-focus our efforts on incorporating this feedback into future thin and light products launching later this year. Stay tuned!"

We aren't ones to read between the lines on things, but here we feel we have no choice. The Adamo line vanished a few months ago, and we get the feeling that was mostly due to a lack of Intel chips being available that were power efficient and powerful enough to work in that kind of form factor. Now that AMD's Fusion is out (as well as Sandy Bridge), it may be time for an ultra-sleek, ultra-thin form factor to return to the lineup. Will the Adamo 14 be what eventually replaces the XPS 14? We definitely hope so.