Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Halted As Sticky Pedal Complaints Pile Up

hero Cybertruck
Tesla has put a brake on new Cybertruck deliveries due to a supposed problem with throttle pedals. There hasn't been an official announcement by the company, but dozens of customers have come forward with similar notices of their truck deliveries suddenly being halted without a clear reason.

In a leading Tesla Cybertruck owners forum, reports are piling up from expectant owners being told that the delivery of their vehicle had to be delayed. The text from the notice says:

Hi, we have just been informed of an unexpected delay regarding the preparation of your vehicle. We need to cancel your delivery appointment for tomorrow and we will reach out again when we're able to get you back on the schedule.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hosting your Cybertruck delivery soon!

While the message doesn't offer any reason for the delay, sources close to the automaker have stated that the company is halting deliveries due to an issue with the accelerator pedal. This seemingly comes off the tail of a Cybertruck owner who complained on TikTok about the loose pedal cover on his vehicle that ultimately caused the accelerator to be held down while driving.

In the TikTok video, he demonstrated how the cover on this truck had worked itself loose and become seemingly jammed against part of the dash. With the foot off the brake, the Cybertruck would just accelerate, but thankfully stepping on the brakes hard enough overrides the throttle sensor. Earlier this month, another owner had apparently hit a light pole due to some kind of unintended acceleration. 

Cybertruck pedal cover.
Loose pedal cover (Photo credit: TikTok/@el.chepito1985)

Of course, these might all be unrelated, but nonetheless, Tesla vehicle aren't strangers to random braking and accelerating. Some have been attributed either to random invertor/voltage spikes or the Auto Pilot cruise control.

Regardless, this accelerator pedal problem just adds to the growing wound that Tesla (and Elon Musk) is experiencing as of late. The Cybertruck itself has been mired with production delays and cost increases, and not to mention the numerous complaints about the stainless steel exterior. However, these pale in light of the drop in overall global sales and market share, vehicle recalls, and massive workforce restructuring