Microsoft Previews Defender ATP For Linux, Official Release Just Days Away

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Microsoft has announced that it will be expanding Microsoft Defender ATP to the Linux operating system very soon. Microsoft has been working to expand its security solutions outside of its own Windows universe. The announcement of the public preview for Linux is the latest move for Microsoft in its expansion.

Microsoft offers no specific timeframe for the software debut other than saying the public preview will open "in the next few days." The software giant will offer preventative capabilities for Linux servers that will include a full command line experience to configure and manage the agent, initiate scans, and manage threats.

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The company plans to offer a Microsoft Defender Security Center with the basic machine and alert information surfaced. Information provided in the Security Center is expansive and includes the following antivirus alert information:

  • Severity
  • Scan type
  • Device information (see below for details)
  • File information (name, path, size, and hash)
  • Threat information (name, type, and state)

Microsoft will also offer the following device information for security personnel:

  • Machine identifier
  • Tenant identifier
  • App version
  • Hostname
  • OS type
  • OS version
  • Computer model
  • Processor architecture
  • Whether the device is a virtual machine

Microsoft notes that Defender ATP for Linux is deployed and configured using Puppet, Ansible, or existing Linux configuration management tool. The Defender ATP supports recent versions of the six most common Linux Server distributions including RHEL 7+, CentOS Linux 7+, Ubuntu 16 LTS, or higher LTS, SLES 12+, Debian 9+, and Oracle EL 7. Microsoft says those wanting more information can check out the full documentation. News of Defender ATP for Linux comes only days after the software was announced for Android and iOS devices.