DeepCool Brings The Mystique With Its Latest All-In-One CPU Coolers

Aesthetics in one's PC build is a trend that is permanently here to stay, touching virtually every aspect of the build experience (hence why RGB is so popular). With transparent glass panels being common place, one key available space for a billboard-like spectacle is the CPU cooler area. Enter DeepCool's latest all-in-one liquid coolers.

DeepCool, known for various CPU coolers, has announced its new Mystique line of products. With the Mystique 240mm and Mystique 360mm, these all-In-one liquid coolers feature a 2.8 inch TFT LCD as the main visual attraction. The pump is also sporting better performance, taming both Intel and AMD CPUs. 


With a prime location on one's CPU block, there are a myriad of customization options available for the 2.8 LCD screen. Performance and metrics data such as CPU temperature are easily done, with real-time updates. The screen resolution is 640x480, which is plenty sharp for its diminutive size. 

A built-in gyroscope keeps track of the position that the CPU block is in, keeping data always properly displayed whatever your CPU-block orientation may be. If data and numbers aren't your thing, animations and various other forms of media can also be inserted into this screen area via DeepCreative, DeepCool's software for customization. 

Pictures and animated GIFs can be used, giving you a key customization tool that can help unify the build theme. Naturally, one has to ask the question if this level of visual novelty is necessary in a CPU block. Resoundingly yes, from experience with such products. While system monitoring is often left for software, it can be useful at a glance when casually gaming or checking up on performance. 

Aesthetically, personalized images and animated GIFs do add a more immersive element to one's build, so there is certainly good reason to rejoice over these technologies. 


Both the DeepCool Mystique 240mm and Mystique 360mm share the pump features, and differ only in radiator size. The behind-the-scenes star of the show may be DeepCool's 5th generation pump, which is where the cooling magic happens. With a noise output of under 21 DbA, this pump also has an improved cold plate for better CPU contact and heat transfer. 

DeepCool Performance FT12 SE fans are also included, corresponding to each radiator size. These fans are not RGB, however, the only aesthetic complaint that a buyer may have. Necessary mounting equipment is also in the box for both Intel and AMD CPUs. 

MSRP pricing is $149.99 for Mystique 240mm, and $179.99 for the Mystique 360mm. Given how CPU coolers have increased in price over time, if performance measures up, pricing seems fair considering the LCD design and included fans.