Declude Security Suite - Keeping The Riff Raff Out

As you can imagine we get a ton of email here at HH and of course way more than our fair share of spam, viruses and junkmail.  We've been looking around for a long time for a package that does a good job of clearing out the crapola that comes in and let's the good mail through.  We think we've found a winner with Declude.  Got an Imail or SmarterMail server you need to setup a better defense for?  Declude is powerful stuff that gets the job done nicely and we've burned it in ourselves here on the HotHardware web box...

"Boundary Layer Check
The first layer of defense is provided by your Email server. This includes your ability to prevent dictionary Attacks and Email harvesting.

Junkmail/Spam Filtering
Declude's anti-spam technology will intelligently catch spam sent to your mail server. Using a unique weighting system, Declude helps make false positives a problem of the past. Not only is Declude easy to use (with no need to continually monitor performance), but it also offers some very advanced features not found in other anti-spam products.

HiJack Prevention
Declude prevents unauthorized bulk outgoing Email, stops spammers from hijacking your mail server and prevents users and/or customers from sending unauthorized bulk mail."

We've cut our junkmail down here at least 90%, maybe more.  Thank god, thanks Declude... actually.

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