Death Stranding Rumored To Arrive On PC After PS4 Time-Limited Exclusive

The name Hideo Kojima is one well-known amongst many gamers. Kojima is the person behind the classic and immensely popular Metal Gear franchise of video games, among others. The latest game from the game designer is called Death Stranding, and it has generated lots of buzz amongst gamers.

death stranding screen

The biggest letdown for Death Stranding was that it had been assumed to be a PS4 exclusive game. There were hints previously that Death Stranding might land on PC and now a new rumor claims that the game will be coming to PC. The rumor originates from Antonio Fucito, who claims to have sources with knowledge of the game and the publisher's plans for it.

Fucito proved his sources are knowledgeable recently when he tweeted the launch date for the game as being November 8, a full day before the official announcement was made. Fucito is now saying that the PS4 exclusivity for Death Stranding is a timed exclusive. Fucito claims that the reason the Death Stranding package doesn't say "Only on PS" on the box is because it will come to PC later. 

The man claims that the arrival on PC at a later date is part of an agreement signed between Kojima and Sony. Death Stranding, however, will never land on the Xbox One platform. Fucito says that he doesn't know if the game will be a 6- or 12-month PS4 exclusive.

The fear was with Sony involved in the game, it would remain a PS4-exclusive forever. The game is built on the Decima Engine putting Kojima Productions essentially at the mercy of Sony. This rumor gives gamers a glimmer of hope that they might eventually enjoy Death Stranding on the PC down the road. Sony recently announced a steel black PS4 game console for the annual Days of Play celebration.