Watch How The Dead Space Remake Puts Dismemberment Front And Center In Gory Detail

dead space remake livestream

EA revealed this past July that it would be remaking Dead Space. Although we do not know when the remake will be released, EA and Motive Studies recently decided to show some footage of the game. They argued that while the footage is very early, they wanted to keep the lines of communication with fans open. Here is what we learned about the upcoming Dead Space remake. You can watch the full stream below, but be warned that parts of the stream are graphic.

The remake of the game is being developed by Motive Studios, a studio under EA. They have previously worked on Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons. The original Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games, also known as EA Redwood Shores. However, this developer dissolved in 2017 and merged into EA Vancouver and EA Montréal.

Motive Studios noted that their goal for the remake is to stay “true to the source” while still “[making] it relevant for today.” This naturally includes updating the look of the game by applying shaders, updating the lighting, etc. The story line will reportedly remain largely the same, but EA commented that they plan to “build on top of” it. Their goal is to tie in the original Dead Space narrative to later games and books through audio logs and other elements. The game’s protagonist Isaac Clarke will also now speak when he is in conversation with others and on other occasions. Gunner Wright, who voiced Isaac in other Dead Space games, will reprise the role.

There will be a few mechanic changes in the remake. For example, the remake which will feature flight. This was not available in Dead Space, but was a mechanic in Dead Space 2. There will also be a new “peeling” system. One of the key gameplay mechanics in the original game was “strategic dismemberment” in which the player could dismember enemies. Players will now be able to remove flesh and bone without fully severing limbs (see this in action around the 19:45 mark). This new mechanic has been introduced to make the experience with weapons like a pulse rifle more visceral and to give players a better idea of the efficacy of their weapons. 

The Dead Space remake will be available on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. Its development team includes many Dead Space series veterans such as senior producer Philippe Ducharme, creative director Roman Campos-Oriola, and art director Mike Yazijian. The original Dead Space is a 2008 horror survival game that was available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game became a fan-favorite among critics and casual players and went on to sell one million copies within a few months of release. There have been several sequels including the 2013 Dead Space 3.

Image courtesy of EA