Day Break Insomnia Post

Well now, I'm glad at least some of you have taken a 5 minute Half Life 2 breather here and can focus your eyes on something other than a gun sight and mutant alien baddy.  ;-)  Sad truth be told, I haven't even played the game yet.  There's just been too much work to do around here lately.  Ahh but that's the life of a Tech Journalist I guess.  We get so caught up in all the analysis, that we don't get to enjoy it all enough sometimes!

Speaking of work, we've been pretty busy with a number of functionality and feature enhancements that we've added to the site.  Thanks to our resident Developer extraordinaire, Dom, we have a few new areas for you to peruse when you get a moment. 

Firstly, check out the news submission engine we've created.  This page gives you the reader an opportunity to submit your very own PC Hardware or Tech related news item for review by our editorial staff and a post on the front page.  Got some juicy tid-bit you want to share, rumor, fact or fiction?  Send it in!

Then, you've probably noticed that Marco and I have a new Blog area.  We have only just made our very first posts to our blog pages, since the functionality was added just a couple of days ago.  However, we plan on updating the blogs regularly with lots of on and off topic behind the scenes detail.  I'm sure my bud Marco will be ranting and raving a bit about his upcoming wedding, so don't miss that.  Watching a big Italian boy as his numbered days count down to zero, can be very amusing! ;-)

Alright then, that's enough of my rambling for now.  But before you go back to Half Life's alien world, share your thoughts and experiences with game here in our forum.  It's back to work for me now at this early hour, so I'm living vicariously through you!

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