Cyth Guitar Hero Bot Rox 98% Accuracy On Expert

This one would make Vernon Reid proud -- or maybe not?  Regardless, here's a little something for Sunday night kick-back and amusement.  If you've ever played Guitar Hero and attempted Living Color's song, Cult of Personality on any setting but easy, you'll know why some axe-slinging musicians are called "heroes".  With his stylings classified as a hybrid "Metal Funk" fusion, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Reid as one of top 100 greatest guitarists of all time.  

There's no question, in the game the song is a pretty steep challenge on the higher difficulty settings but not for Cyth Systems' Guitar Hero playing machine.  The
Cythbot is able to achieve up to 98% accuracy in the song on expert settings.  Check it out...


Acomplishing Reid's riffs and chops in the game is one thing but playing it for real on a jacked-up Stratocaster is another.  We'd bet Cythbot's neumatics couldn't keep up with that but hey, it's fun to watch him on the Wii.

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