CyberPowerPC’s Haswell Offerings Include Zeus EVO Thunder Desktops and FANGbook EVO Notebooks

CyberPowerPC, like the other custom PC builders, is revamping its product offerings with Intel’s new 4th-generation Core (Haswell) processors and Z87-based motherboards. On the desktop side, the company’s FANG III and Gamer Xtreme lines (among others) will get the upgrades, as well as its Zeus EVO Thunder series. The FANGbook EVO gaming notebook will also be packing Haswell mobile processors, in addition to NVIDIA GTX 700 series mobile graphics.

CyberPowerPC seems to be especially focused on its Zeus EVO Thunder line, which will offer Core i5 and Core i7 K-series offerings and NVIDIA GTX 700 series graphics. The Zeus machines will have a new armor “befitting the God of gaming PCs” as well as Advance Hydro II liquid cooling, which consists of a XSPC RayStorm CPU Block, AX radiator, and D5 (single or double) pump. The company also claims that its Venom Boost overclocking option will offer up to a 30% performance boost.

CyberPowerPC Haswell

The FANGbooks, of which there are three models--EVO HX7-100, 200, and 300--are designed to offer better battery life, which has both plagued mobile gamers for years and is also something that Haswell facilitates.

CyberPowerPC’s Haswell-based desktops start at $559, while the FANGbook EVO series notebooks start at $1,399.