CyberPower Targets 'Broadcast Gamers' With Pro Streamer 2-in-1 Desktop, Unveils Two Syber Gaming Rigs

We saw plenty of interesting tech last week at CES, so we’d be remiss if we left out some of the cool wares that we saw from our friends at CyberPowerPC. For those not in the know, Syber Gaming is a spinoff of CyberPower and it is looking to make its mark on the gaming PC market. If you’ve seen Paul’s review of the small form factor (SFF) Syber Vapor, you already know part of the story for the new Syber C Series. The C Series uses a similar internal chassis design as the Vapor, but features improved ventilation along with better customization and upgrade options.

Syber Gaming PC Console2
Syber C Series

When it comes to specs, the C Series is of course powered by Skylake processor paired with DDR4 memory. You’ll have your choice of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 and AMD Radeon 300 Series GPUs and you’ll have internal space for up to two 2.5-inch SSDs and a single 3.5-inch HDD.

The Syber C Series starts at $599 and creeps up to $999 for VR-ready models.

The M Series is Syber’s first foray into the realm of mid-tower gaming PCs. Like its more petite C Series counterpart, the M Series also accommodates Skylake processor and the latest GeForce and Radeon graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD. But given its more generous interior dimensions, you’ll find space for 2.5-inch SSDs and up to three M.2 SSDs. And if you need to accommodate 3.5-inch HDDs, there are two bays available.

Syber Mid Tower Gaming PC2Syber Mid Tower Gaming PC Water Cooling
Syber M Series

The M Series will be available this Spring and will come in pre-built configurations from retailers like Best Buy and Walmart.

Moving on to the core CyberPower brand, this is the third time that we’ve seen this 34-inch curved screen all-in-one PC (first MAINGEAR, then Gigabyte) -- in CyberPower guise, it’s called the Arcus. As we’ve previously mentioned, this is an AIO that is fully upgradeable using off-the-shelf desktop components (well, the 60Hz, 3440x1440 panel of course isn’t upgradeable). So if you want to upgrade the processor, graphics card, memory, or SSD in the future, the choice is yours. In case you were wondering, both air- and water-cooled solutions are available.

CyberPower Arcus All in One
CyberPower Arcus

Last, but not least, there’s the CyberPower Pro Streamer. The Pro Streamer is a full-tower system that is quite remarkable in that it is actually two separate PCs combined into one. The main tower portion of the system is a liquid-cooled gaming rig complete with an Intel Core i5-6600K (up to a Core i7 is supported) and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 graphics cards in the base system. The secondary PC comes with its own Mini ITX motherboard, Intel Core i3-6100, 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD, and an Avermedia Live Gamer HD capture card.

CyberPower Pro Streamer3CyberPower Pro Streamer2
CyberPower Pro StreamerCyberPower Pro Streamer Schematic
CyberPower Pro Streamer

The Pro Streamer comes pre-installed with OBS open source streaming/record software and XSPLIT live streaming. The 2-in-1 PC and streaming software setup allows you to game on the bottom system and stream with the top system at the same time, without compromising the performance/experience of either. Base systems start at $1,899 and can cost upwards of $3,000 when you throw more system RAM and Core i7 processors into the mix.