CyberPower's Drool-Worthy Pro Streamer 2 And Luxe Gaming Systems Give Us Killer PC Envy At CES 2017

CyberPower Pro Streamer 2 Side

CyberPower is one those system builders that is positioned somewhere between the bulk OEMs of the world and premium boutique vendors that churn out luxury machines for those who can afford them. The middle ground is a nice place to reside, but in case anything thinks CyberPower is not capable of building ultra high-end systems, check out what the company had on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

We stopped by CyberPower's suite in Las Vegas where it had on display some pretty fancy systems, not the least of which is its Pro Streamer 2 dual gaming system. The Pro Streamer 2 is an upgraded version of the original that was introduced last year. What is different this time around is that CyberPower built a bigger version to accommodate a standard ATX motherboard, something that customers had been requesting.

CyberPower Pro Streamer 2 Open

There are actually two PCs inside this thing. One is a gaming system that sits on top and the other is a separate mini-ITX streaming configuration on the bottom. Overkill? Perhaps, but what's nice about the design is that people who make a living by streaming their gameplay can do that here without the streaming function stealing resources from the gaming PC.

The system also features CyberPower's new Hyper Liquid cooling. It consists of florescent or UV reactive liquid cooling for added bling. Not that the Pro Streamer 2 is short on eye candy, but we have to admit, the liquid cooling does make it pop.

CyberPower Luxe

Next up is CyberPower's Luxe housed inside In-Win's open air D-Frame chassis. CyberPower tells us this configuration represents the pinnacle of its ability to build a premium machine, at least in terms of the available hardware that it has access to right now.

CyberPower Luxe

Sitting inside the Luxe is an Intel Core i7-7700K processor clocked at 4.2GHz, an MSI Gaming Z270 Gaming M5 motherboard, 32GB of Adata XPG Dazzle DDR4-2133 memory, two MSI GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI, 5512GB Samsung 960 Pro PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, In-Win 1,065W power supply, and Windows 10 Home.

Rounding all that out is a custom liquid cooling setup with copper tubing that blends nicely with the industrial looking chassis. In addition to completing the look, the copper tubing also helps cool the liquid as it travels through to the radiator.

CyberPower Luxe Tower

The next showpiece on our tour is a different version of the Luxe, one that trades the open-air design of the In-Win D-Frame chassis for a tower with tempered glass on the front and sides. It's the Thermaltake Tower 900 and it's a beauty, giving viewers a clear look at the guts of whatever gets installed inside.

CyberPower Luxe Tower

CyberPower gave this one the liquid cooling treatment as well, again with copper tubing. What's different here is that CyberPower went with two separate cooling systems—the pink one is tasked with keeping the graphics cards cool, while the blue one chills out the CPU.

CyberPower Syber XL

Finally, CyberPower showed us its Syber XL system. While not quite on the level of luxury as the other machines here, it's still a premium system, and one that is built around AMD's Ryzen hardware.

Specifically, this system features an AMD Ryzen processor clocked at 3.15GHz paired with an AMD AM4 motherboard and 16GB of Adata XPZ Z1 DDR4-3000 memory. It also boasts two EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Hydro Copper graphics cards, 512GB Samsung 960 Pro SSD, Corsair 850W 80 Plus Gold power supply, and Windows 10 Home. All this comes housed in a Syber XL full tower case.

Do you have a favorite among the bunch? Sound off in the comments section and tell us which one!