Cult Of The Lamb Is A Dark And Heretical New Roguelite Game That's Absolutely Adorable

cult of the lamb
Cult of the Lamb has gamers shoveling poop, giving inspiring sermons, and sacrificing their followers. The recently released roguelite dungeon crawler has quickly enamored its player base with its adorable gameplay and often times difficult decisions that have to made as cult leader.

The Melbourne indie game developer Massive Monster quickly topped the global gaming charts during its first weekend since release of its, dare we say, cult smash hit. In Cult of the Lamb, players enter into a world where they find themselves playing the role of a cute, but possessed, lamb. Your life is saved by an imprisoned deity, and in return you set out to build your own cult in order to battle the otherworldly entities that hold him hostage and set him free. The adventure takes you into the dark depths of the unknown as you search for followers, collect resources, and battle other rival cults for supremacy and ultimate freedom of the deity that saved you.

Julian Wilton, from Massive Monster, told The Guardian, "It's just blown up, it's been pretty crazy."

The game quickly leaped to the number one spot on the US Switch store following its global release on Friday, August 12. Wilton and the team at Massive Monster has high hopes for the game, and he says that he would not be surprised if the game sold a million units in its first month. With hundreds of thousands of copies already downloaded on Steam as well, that could very well be true.

temple cult
Image Credit: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

While the game may share some aspects of other similar games, it sets itself apart with its at times dark decision making that is complimented with its adorable art style. As you grow your following, you will be faced with managing the faith, resources, and even the cleanliness levels of your followers. The further you progress in the game, the harder it will be to keep up with which follower is doing what, and who you have already blessed that day.

Perhaps what has drawn so many into the game is how well it balances its darkness with a level of silliness that can make the player feel better about taking the life of a fellow lamb. Whatever it is that captures the hearts of the masses, the company has plans on taking advantage of its immense popularity.

village cult
Image Credit: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

The team at Massive Monster are already hard at work smashing the bugs that have already been found by players and are looking forward at what they else they can bring to the game.

"We've got to figure out what to do with all this money now," Wilton joked in his interview. Wilton said the team will be dedicating the next 12 months to fixing those pesky bugs and working to bring new content to the game. The game is available now for $24.99 on Steam, GOG, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Top Image Credit: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital
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