Crytek Threatens Ban If Caught Using LeMat Revolver Glitch In Hunt: Showdown

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Some Hunt: Showdown players have been taking advantage of an exploit players found with the game's LeMat Mark II revolver that makes the gun overpowered. It has left other players angry, and Crytek saying if you are caught using the exploit you may end up being banned.

Hunt: Showdown is a popular first-person multiplayer shooter developed by Crytek. It was first launched as an early access game back in early 2018, and has continued to do well following its full release in 2019. As players compete against one another for bounties, any edge someone can find will be utilized. It is one particular "edge" some are using that has others infuriated, however. That being an exploit with one of the game's guns that makes it overpowered.

What makes the LeMat revolver special under normal circumstances is that while it can house nine pistol rounds, it also has a center chamber that can house a shotgun shell. This means a player can be accurate at pistol range, as well as have a powerful round for up close.

The exploit causes the gun to glitch so that when the shotgun shell is fired, each pellet from the shell is seen as a full metal jacket (FMJ) pistol round. Since the pellets are viewed as FMJs, they do not have the same speed or spread of typical shotgun pellets. This means players taking advantage of the exploit are not constrained to the normal range of the shotgun shell, being the pellets experience the spread and speed of FMJs from the glitch.
Crytek has made it known that it is aware of the issue, and that it is currently working on a fix. In a Twitter post yesterday, the company stated it will release a hotfix in the coming days.

A video included with the post has Crytek's Social Media Manager, Bence Hamos saying that it is probably a good idea to avoid using the exploit. He states the team can detect it, and that actions would be taken against any player and/or teams using it.

Do you play Hunt: Showdown, and if so, have you encountered anyone using the LeMat exploit? Let us know in the comments about your experience.

**UPDATE 6/23/2022 3:03 pm: Crytek took down its servers for PC on 6/22/2022 and console 6/23/2022 to fix the bug involving the LMat revolver. PC servers should be up and running at the time of this posting, while console servers may still be down.

Top Image Credit: Crytek/Hunt: Showdown