Crucial Ballistix PC2-3500 DDR2, USB Drive Roundup, and more!

More news is starting to arrive concerning Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, and it's not exactly good news for most of you. The hassle that DRM is going to create will be accompanied by some pretty hefty system requirements that are currently be thrown around the web. has published a brief summary of what you might need to run it. Enjoy the news, folks!

Thermaltake Swing VB6000SWS Case Review @ HardwareXL

"Simplicity was extravagantly designed into the Swing with modernly stylish piano-coating front panel design that reflects class and curve. Inside the chassis users will find wide range of thoughtful features from ten drive bays for maximum expandability to a 120mm Thermaltake Silent Fan located in the rear of the chassis for high-efficiency ventilation to support even the most advanced CPU, Graphics Card."

Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 DDR2 @ LAN Addict

"Would I recommend this Crucial PC2-5300 DDR2 memory? You bet I would! I feel very confident that the only reason I couldn't push this RAM further than a 265MHz FSB had nothing to do with the RAM at all. With better cooling on the CPU and North Bridge, I feel I might have been able to get all the way to a 300MHz FSB!"

Apple Mighty Mouse @ Hardware Zone

"Though the Mac OS supported multi-button operations, it wasn't officially possible till the Mighty Mouse debuted, breaking Apple's 21-year heritage of conforming to the single button mouse. Find out our take on Apple's new move."

ARP's Linux Noob Guide Posted @ Adrian's Rojak Pot

"For many newbies, Linux is an exciting but daunting operating system to learn. So flexible and powerful but yet alien to a new generation pampered by graphical user interfaces."

USB Drive Roundup @ Hardware Secrets

"Review of following USB drives: Corsair Flash Voyager 512 MB, Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 512 MB, MSI Mega Flash 128 MB and OCZ Rally 512 MB."