Cracks Appear In Fortnite's Map As Earthquakes Rumble Below

Have you been wanting to take a crack at playing Fortnite? Now may be your chance to jump in on the action. Earthquake fissures have begun to appear on the Fortnite map.

There had been a number of earthquakes in the game leading up to the v7.40 update on February 14th. Until the update, the earthquakes had not produced any visible damage. Players then noticed that a fissure had appeared southwest of the “Tomato Temple”. A total of three cracks have materialized on the map. The earthquakes now seem to be occurring once every twelve hours and the FNBR fansite has even added an earthquake countdown clock.

fortnite crack earthquakes
Image from Redditor ThatOneMech

Data miners also discovered audio for future earthquakes and fissures. These earthquakes appear to louder than their predecessors. There will be fifty earthquakes in total and the final one will likely take place on February 27th, the last day of Fortnite’s seventh “season”.

Who or what is responsible for these earthquakes? Fortnite fans believe that the Ice King’s escaped “Prisoner” is to blame for the damage. They also theorize that the final event of the season will take place in the “Wailing Woods” and may destroy the “Tilted Towers”.

What should players expect from the upcoming Fortnite season? Some suspect that the next season will be fire themed. A dragon egg was recently taken from the Polar Peak and some have argued that a “fire” hero would be a good counter to the “Ice King”. It is more likely that there will some sort of water theme for the next season. A “Fishstick” skin  that features a perplexed orange fish has been popping up on the Internet. Some players have also speculated that the many of the frozen areas on the current map will become playable underwater areas in Season 8.

fortnite 1

The v7.40 update also introduced the “Overtime Challenges”. Players who complete 13 Overtime Challenges will receive a free Battle Pass for Season 8. The Season 7 Battle Pass cost around $10 USD (950 V-Bucks) and included new outfits, pets, vehicles, emotes, music, etc.

Why is Epic Games allowing players to earn free battle pass? Many believe that the company is now trying to compete with the newly-released Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game from the makers of Titanfall. Within a week the game reportedly attracted 25 million players. Apex Legends also now attracts a larger audience on Twitch than Fortnite. Although 40 million people log in to play Fortnite every month, Apex Legends could likely take away some of their player base. It remains to be seen whether Epic Game’s constant updates and season events will be able to retain the attention of their players.