Cox Squeezes Florida And Georgia Subscribers With 1TB Broadband Data Caps

It looks as though residential broadband customers across the United States are increasingly being faced with fun-sapping data caps. While most customers are used to such restrictive policies with wireless data, in the age of cord-cutters and multi-gigabyte game downloads/patches, being restricted by data caps on your home broadband connection seems a bit much.

With that being said, we have some rather disappointing news for Cox customers that live in Florida and Georgia. Cox has announced that it is instituting 1TB data caps for customers on Starter, Essential, Preferred, Premier and Ultimate high-speed internet packages. For customers that subscribe to the Gigablast package (1Gbps symmetrical upload/download speeds), the data cap stands at 2TB.

Cox Truck

According to Cox, 1TB of data is more than enough “to provide you with plenty of freedom to stream, surf, download, and share.” The company goes on to state that the 1TB data cap won’t affect roughly 99 percent of its customers.

Cox says that it will begin warning customers once they consume 85 percent of their 1TB allowance. If you don’t heed the warning and go over the 1TB limit, you will be charged $10 for overages in 50GB increments. So if you were to go over your limit by 52GB, expect to get hit with $20 in overage fees.

As you might expect, Cox is zero-rating (exempting) its own services from the 1TB cap. That includes TV and On Demand service using the Contour app, digital phone, and Homelife (home security monitoring).

Comcast recently made similar movies with its Xfinity services nationwide. The company instituted a 1TB monthly data cap, but gives customers the option to pay an additional $50 per month for unlimited data. Comcast explained its reasoning, writing, "This data plan is based on a principle of fairness. Those who use more Internet data, pay more. And those who use less Internet data, pay less.”