Corsair XMS-3200C2 XPERT 2GB Launches

Corsair Memory has just announced the launch of the company's new XMS-3200C2 XPERT 2GB memory kits. Here, hand-picked memory modules that are guaranteed to run at 400MHz with tight 2-3-3-6 timings are paired with Corsair's unique XPERT display to report voltage, temperature, and frequency. Corsair has been a longtime member on Hot Hardware's short list of preffered memory modules. If you're in the market for new memory, do yourself a favor and seriously consider Corsair.

"The XPERT series continues to be Corsair's flagship product that demonstrates our leadership position in the industry. Catering to the growing demand for 2GB of system memory, we want to offer a complete product line up that includes the XPERT series," said Richard Hashim, Director of Product Marketing at Corsair Memory.
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