Corsair Updates Hydro Series H60 And Introduces New Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Coolers

Corsair announced a new version of its Hydro Series H60 liquid CPU cooler as well as the new Hydro Series H55 liquid CPU cooler. The Hydro Series H60 features a new cold plate and manifold design. It also uses larger diameter tubing to increase the coolant flow rate. This cooler makes use of new composite rubber tubing, thereby providing for easier installation while still retaining low evaporation rates.

The Hydro Series H60 also features a new magnetic mounting bracket that is designed to make it easy to select the correct motherboard socket format. The new H60 comes with a 120mm fan based on the Air Series SP120. This fan features a motor that has been tuned for high torque, ensuring high performance with low noise.

The new Hydro Series H55 is an updated version of the Hydro Series H50. This cooler is based on the latest 4th generation cold-plate design. The H55 also features a low noise 120mm fan as well as a tool-free mounting bracket and low-permeability rubber tubing.

Both coolers are compatible with most cases that feature a rear 120mm fan mount. Both the Hydro Series H55 and Hydro Series H60 CPU coolers support motherboards based on the Intel LGA115x/1366/2011 and AMD AM2/AM3/FM1 sockets. The coolers are backed by a five year limited warranty.

The Hydro Series H60 is available for $79.99 while the Hydro Series H55 sells for $69.99.