Corsair Stretches Hydra Series H60 Cooler Warranty to 5 Years

A high-five is in order for Corsair for more than doubling the warranty period on its Hydra Series H60 CPU cooler from two years to five years, ensuring that there's at least one component you won't have to worry about for the life of your system (unless you keep your systems for more than five years, in which, it's time to upgrade, playa!). And don't go pounding sand if you already purchased an H60 cooler, the extended warranty applies to you, too.

"The new, longer warranty reflects the care that Corsair has taken with design and construction of the H60, as well as the choice of high-quality materials," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager for Components at Corsair. "Our customers can enjoy the benefits of high performance CPU cooling and confidently expect reliable operation for at least half a decade."

Amen to that, and kudos to Corsair for its confidence in the H60, which is a closed-loop CPU cooling system that uses a custom-designed high static pressure fan, the newly designed micro-channel cold plate, and split-fold manifold. The cooler carries and MSRP of $74.