Corsair Steps Up Performance On USB Drives

-- New Flash Voyager GT line offers cutting-edge design and blazing fast performance --

Fremont, CA (February 28, 2007) -- Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer products, today launched the new Flash Voyager GT line of USB drives designed for the user who demands the highest performance in a USB memory product. Complementing the revolutionary Flash Voyager USB drives, the new Flash Voyager GT brand represents the highest performing USB products Corsair offers in any capacities.

"Consumers are demanding more from a USB drive today than one that simply stores data. It is becoming apparent that the read/write performance of a drive plays a significant role in the overall user experience, and the Flash Voyager GT delivers exactly that -- uncompromising speed," said Jack Peterson, VP of Marketing at Corsair. "With the introduction of the Flash Voyager GT, we now have 2 distinctive product offerings: Flash Voyager GT is all about performance, and the standard Flash Voyager that delivers the best value for a USB memory product."

Built to Corsair's legendary quality and reliability standards, the new Flash Voyager GT USB drives deliver sustained read/write performance up to 34MB/sec and 28MB/sec respectively. Taking full advantage of the new flash controller, the new GT features enhanced dual channel and interleave memory technologies.

Flash Voyager GT Features:

  • Blazing-fast performance: Read speed up to 34MB/s, write speed up to 28MB/s
  • Maximum durability: Proprietary all-rubber housing
  • Drive integrity: Water resistant and shock resistant
  • Data security: TrueCrypt encryption software offering AES 256-bit encryption
  • User warranty: 10 years, with on-demand customer support

Each Flash Voyager GT features hand-selected NAND flash that together with an advanced controller delivers lightening-fast file transfer - up to 5X faster than typical USB drives. Examples of file size transfer speed comparisons are:

Capacity 20 office files (1.06MB) 60 pictures (279MB) One movie (1.63GB)
Flash Voyager GT Less than 1 second 17 seconds 82 seconds
Average USB 5 seconds 70 seconds 358 seconds

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