Corsair Plays It Cool with New Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE Liquid Coolers

Corsair continues its wet and wild run into the world of liquid CPU cooling with the introduction of its new Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE coolers. Both are supposedly easy to install and require zero maintenance, two big advantages self-contained liquid coolers have over the roll-your-own variety.

Sitting on the entry-level end is the H40. This closed-loop cooler supports most modern AMD and Intel sockets (AMD AM2, AM3, and FM1; Intel LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, and 775). Both the cold plate and radiator are made of aluminum, and a 120mm fan helps keep things chilly.

For those who need a little more cooling oomph, the H70 CORE is based on Corsair's existing H70 and boasts a double-thick 38mm radiator. It doesn't ship with any fans, the idea being that you can "personalize" the cooling performance with existing fans or ones you pick out on your own (it supports two 120mm fans). Like the H40, the radiator is made of aluminum, however the cold plate material is all copper.

Look for the H40 and H70 CORE to ship later this month for $59 and $89, respectively.