Corsair Expands Professional Series PSU Lineup with Two New Models

Looking for a new power supply? If so, chances are Corsair has a high end PSU with the exactly the right amount of wattage for your system. Just in case there was any doubt, Corsair today announced a couple of additions to its Professional Series and Professional Series Gold power supply lines.

First up is the Professional Series HX1050. Serving as the new flagship for this particular line, the 1050W model joins the Professional Series HX1000, HX850, HX750, and HX650. These are all 80 Plus Silver certified with a rated 88 percent efficiency at 50 percent load.

The other addition comes to the Corsair Professional Series Gold line. Corsair's new AX650 model brings up the rear and joins the AX750, AX850, and AX1200. These are all 80 Plus Gold certified, delivering 90 percent efficiency at 90 percent load.

"We are expanding our top two PSU lines thanks to the continued strong demand from performance enthusiasts for highly reliable, super-efficient power supplies." said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager for Components at Corsair. "While dependability is an absolute requirement for world-class PC builds, power requirements do vary by system. These new models provide expert system builders with even more flexibility in choosing the right power supply for their needs."

The HX1050 is available now for $239, and the AX650 for $169.