Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF

Hello Everyone.  We just wanted to pop in and let you all know that we've just posted a new review of Corsair's current flagship desktop DDR2 memory kit, the Dominator TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF. This 2GB memory kit is rated for operation at an impressive 1250MHz with 5-5-5-18 timings. Here's a snip from the article:

"In PC enthusiast circles, Corsair is a name that needs no introduction. For years, the company has consistently produced some of the most sought after, high speed memory modules available at the time. Their XMS line of DDR memory was incredibly popular when it was released, as were the company's Pro and Xpert modules. Today it's Corsair Dominator memory kits that are enticing PC enthusiasts, thanks to their innovative cooling solution and high-performance."
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