Corsair Dominator GT Memory Used To Break MaxxMem Benchmark Record

Are you a hardcore overclocker? Do you never settle for factory, always pushing your gear to the absolute limit? If so, this record will most likely interest you. The Corsair Dominator GT was just used in a world record breaking journey. The DDR3 memory was the memory of choice when used to shatter the MaxxMem benchmark record with Intel's 2nd-generation Core family of processors. Yeah, Sandy Bridge!

Renowned extreme overclockers “splmann,” aka Roger Tanner, and "Mat", aka Matthias Zronek, posted a list-topping score of 2711.5 marks running at 1,148 MHz at CL7-7-6-21 at 1T. "We’ve broken several records with Corsair Dominator GT memory," stated Roger Tanner and Matthias Zronek. "It's truly outstanding. The reliability and headroom are amazing." The hardware used included an Asus P8P67 WS Revolution motherboard, Intel Core i7-2600K processor, and a pair of Corsair Dominator GTDDR3 memory modules.

Of course, some tests have shown that high-end RAM isn't quite worth the price tag that companies place on them, but when you crank 'em like this, that quality really starts to show through. Congrats on the record!
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