Corsair Delivers Speedy And Value-Priced Force MP510 NVMe SSDs In Capacities Up To 1.92TB

press mp510 02
If you're looking for a serious upgrade to your storage subsystem, Corsair is hoping that you give its new Force Series MP510 SSD family a closer look. The MP510 family is the successor to the MP500 and is available in an M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe form-factor in sizes ranging from as little as 240GB to as much as 1.92TB.

According to Corsair, the MP510 SSDs will be equally at home in your gaming desktop or your gaming notebook. The gum stick SSDs promises read speeds of up to 3,480MB/sec, and read speeds of 3,000MB/sec. This puts them on about even footing with Samsung's 970 Evo family of SSDs (rated at 3,500MB/sec reads and 2,500MB/sec writes).

While the stated read speeds for the Corsair and Samsung SSDs are practically a wash, it looks as though Corsair has the upper hand with write speeds. We'd of course want to get the MP510 SSDs in our labs before we can crown a winner instead of basing our findings on specs sheets.

press mp510 01

When it comes to pricing, here's how the Corsair Force Series MP510 family stacks up:

  • 240GB:  $69.99
  • 480GB:  $129.99
  • 960GB:  $239.99
  • 1.92TB: $474.99

The above are the manufacturer’s list prices, so street pricing may be a bit lower once retailers like Newegg and Amazon start stocking the SSDs. But for comparison's sake, the Corsair SSDs are about a few cents cheaper per gigabyte than their 970 Evo counterparts (using Amazon pricing as a comparison point).

Corsair says that the Force Series MP510 SSDs will be available shortly from its online retail partners and that they will come backed with a 5-year factory warranty.