Corsair Announces New High-Performance (and Capacity) SSDs

A trio of new Corsair SSDs are now available, and they’re both built for speed and designed to give users better options in terms of capacity.

All three are built with the SandForce SF-2280 SSD Processor and support for SATA 6Gbps with backward compatibility for SATAII.

Two of the SSDs are in the Force Series 3 line and feature asynchronous flash memory technology with read/write speeds of 550Mbps and 520Mbps and 85K Random Write IOPS. One comes in 180GB, which is positioned as a logical step up for those using 120GB SSDs, and the 480GB model is designed to completely replace slower HDDs without the need for a hybrid SSD/HDD setup.

The Force Series GT model (also 480GB) has ONFI synchronous flash memory with read/write speeds of 555Mbps and 525Mbps with 85K Random Write IOPS and is designed for high-performance applications such as video editing and gaming.

Suggested retail prices are $249 (180GB) and $799 (480GB) for the Force Series 3 models and $999 for the Force Series GT 480GB (pictured below).

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