Corsair Acquires Origin PC To Form Premium Boutique Gaming PC Powerhouse

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Earlier this week, we were wowed by the announcement of the Origin PC Big O 2.0, which is a badass gaming rig that combines a high-end PC with a PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch. Little did we know at the time that while Origin PC was celebrating its 10th anniversary, that it was working behind the scenes to be acquired.

Today, it has been confirmed that Corsair has agreed to acquire Origin PC for an undisclosed amount of money. With the acquisition, Corsair will be able to expand its PC lineup beyond its existing desktop gaming PCs to include Origin PC's portfolio of gaming desktops, gaming laptops, and workstations. Origin PC is well-known for its highly customizable designs, and that tradition will continue under the Corsair umbrella.

“With Origin PC’s expertise in personalized custom gaming systems and Corsair's strength in performance PC hardware and the iCUE software ecosystem, we’re excited to combine our efforts to create new world-class gaming experiences for PC gamers," wrote Corsair founder and CEO Andy Paul.

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Origin PC Big O 2.0

“Corsair is a fantastic partner to help take Origin PC forward, known for creating quality, high-performance products that fully align with Origin PC,” added Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski. “With a complete range of enthusiast PC products, Origin PC and Corsair are uniquely placed to create amazing new systems that make the experience of owning a personalized custom gaming PC better than ever.”

It should be noted at this time that Origin PC will be a distinct and separate brand under the Corsair corporate umbrella. Likewise, Origin PC will continue to operate from where it is currently based in Miami, Florida. However, Corsair will begin integrating its iCUE lighting synchronization and monitoring software with Origin PC systems. In addition, existing Corsair products like the Hydro X Series coolers will find their way into the systems as well.

At this time, there is no clear indication if the Origin PC brand will continue indefinitely, but Corsair notes, "Further co-operation and integration of Corsair and Origin products will be announced in the near future.”