Corsair 2GB Secure Digital 133x

With the growing demand for larger storage space in a variety of devices, we've seen some great products float into our news box. Viperlair reviews the Corsair 2GB Secure Digital 133x, which should fill the space needs of most consumers.

We added the Flash Voyager simply as a scale to help put the numbers in perspective. Flash media (in it's current state) will never be as fast as a flash drive, so what it boils down to today is how does Corsair fare against other "hi-speed" memory cards? Overall, very well from a performance aspect. The Sandisk Extreme III gave a close fight, but generally trailed the Corsair SD 133x by a small margin.

Up until a few months ago, I was still using the 8MB and 16MB cards for my digital camera. I finally "upgraded" to 128MB... 2GB is a long way off.