Corsair 180GB and 240GB Force Series GT SSDs Hit Retail

Corsair's Force Series GT solid state drive (SSD) line pushes the high-speed storage pedal to the metal, but until today, you couldn't purchase one larger than 120GB. That all changes with the introduction of new 180GB and 240GB models, both of which are available for purchase immediately.

"Force Series GT is our fastest, most flexible line of SSDs," said Thi La, Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair. "The new 180GB and 240GB models are ideal for premium systems which require large amounts of high-performance storage."

And by high-performance, Corsair means up to 555MB/s read and up to 525MBs/ write speeds, and up to 85K random write IOPS. The drives reach such high speeds by paring the burly SandForce SF-2280 chipset with a SATA 6Gb/s interface, combined with ONFI syncrhonous flash memory.

Like most high tech toys, you have to pay to play. The 180GB model runs $380 and the 240GB model commands $490 at retail. All Force Series GT drives ship with a 3.5-inch adapter.