Corning Boasts Gorilla Glass 3D Manufacturing Process, Design Possibilities For Wearable Tech

For all the talk about curved displays and other innovations that we’re supposedly going to start seeing in wearable computing any minute now (what wonders will CES hold on that front this year?), OEMs are limited by what display manufacturers can create. To that end, Corning announced a new manufacturing process for its Gorilla Glass that should open up myriad design possibilities for wearables as well as curved displays on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

“Corning is targeting commercialization of finished 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass parts in 2014 and is working with G-Tech Optoelectronics Corp. (GTOC) to establish a vertically integrated operation in Taiwan,” wrote the company in a press release.

The new process could make curved displays such as the one on the LG Flex cheaper and higher-quality

“We can now take Gorilla Glass all the way from flat sheet to a finished 3D-shaped product in Asia, expediting turnaround times and minimizing logistical complexity,” added James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Specialty Materials.

Corning also stated that its new process is more economical that typical two-fold forming methods, which would follow as a win for consumers as the cost for curved displays will drop.