Cooler Master's Futuristic Orb X Is The Ultimate Immersive Throne For Gaming And Work

Cooler Master ORB X 1
Cooler Master announces its upcoming ORB X, a fully immersive multi-purpose station that is being billed as "Where Luxury Meets Technology". The "gaming cockpit" is available right now for waitlist registration.

Gaming setups can sometimes be quite extravagant. From desks that double as PCs, to ultrawide screens that seem to envelop the entire setup. Gamers are always looking for new ways to up the ante on their gaming stations and find new ways to make their setups more immersive. Now, Cooler Master has introduced its approach to delivering complete immersion with its ORB X. It is far from the first to bring the cockpit concept, but is arguably the sleekest one we have seen yet.

ORB%20X 02 Triple Monitor

ORB X looks to create an "atmosphere of immersion" with a semi-enclosed design that is provided with a fully automated motorized shuttle dome. The end result is said to deliver an experience free of distractions and enable an "uninterrupted privacy mode" for users to focus on what really matters. Whether a single 34-inch ultrawide monitor is chosen, or three 27-inch monitors, users should be able to customize the experience to fit their needs (see image above for three monitor view).

In terms of audio, the ORB X comes with built-in surround sound speakers for a realistic soundstage without the need for headphones. The immersive sights and sounds will be amplified while relaxing in a newly designed ergonomic recliner for customized comfort.

Cooler Master ORB X 3

Cooler Master has put a lot of thought into the design of the ORB X, as it also has hidden compartments for PCs and consoles, which enable a tidy and organized use of space while maximizing the stylish aesthetic of either the black or white ORB X model. While the ORB X is designed to be used for both work and play, gamers will be happy to know that it also comes with ARGB illumination that surrounds the user with a wide gamut of colors to enhance the mood and atmosphere.

A few other features of the ORB X are a remote control, extra large desk space, mouse space and accuracy, and instant connectivity and control with available USB ports and a control panel.

If you would like to register to be on the waitlist for the ORB X, you can do so on the CMODX website. At the time of this writing, there are no indications of how much the ORB X will cost at release, or when release might be.