Motorized Gaming Bed Let’s You Throw Down Then Chill Without Leaving Your Battle Station

gamer bed
Japanese company Bauhutte offers a unique solution for gamers who never want to leave their precious battle station. While some gaming chairs offer reclining options that can be somewhat comfortable for passing out on, the Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed and Bed Desk aims to give gamers an all-in-one gaming, eat sleep, repeat experience.

A gaming chair is widely considered to be a Gamer God's throne, and companies have been evolving these thrones to be more comfortable and practical. Most gaming chairs have a reclining feature, that allows a person to lay back and catch a quick cat nap between matches. But Japanese gaming furniture brand, Bauhutte, has gone even further by perhaps introducing the ultimate gaming lifestyle product in the form of an motorized, adjustable gaming bed.

 Bauhutte offers a wide array of furniture to enhance one's experience while grinding out those long gaming sessions. For those gamers who dream of never having to leave their beloved battle stations, the company offers the Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed and Bed Desk as an option to get started.

The two pieces of furniture are meant to work alongside, or rather slightly underneath, an adjustable desk where your battle station is located. After you have gotten your much-needed 20 minutes of sleep, you can raise the head of the bed via a remote, as well as elevate your knees if you want, and jump back into the action. If you need to snarf down some food to regain some energy, simply lower the bed where your knees are, slide out its tray and grab a quick bite to eat (see image below). Then when you need to rest again after annihilating all your enemies, lower the head of the bed back down and catch a few zzz's.

eating gamer
Image Coutesy of Bauhutte

Bauhutte offers a large selection of furniture to enhance your gaming environment. The company's website suggests pairing your bed with an "energy wagon" that stores all your energy drinks and energy bars. It also offers a clothing rack, table, and storage unit where you can put all your cute collectibles and gaming peripherals.

The bed frame is about 78 inches long and 37 inches wide, or about the size of a US twin-size mattress. The bed frame has been seen listed anywhere from around $480 to nearly $700 on Amazon. At this time it appears Bauhutte is mainly focused on selling the bed in its home country of Japan, with it often being sold out. So if you are located outside of Japan, you will probably have to seek out other options for now.

While the bed may appear to be slightly uncomfortable, it does offer a unique solution. Space is pretty limited in many Japanese homes, so an option such as this is probably fairly appealing. There are probably also a few gamers here in the US that have limited space at mom and dad's that could benefit from Bauhutte's offerings as well, if they ever decide to offer it in the US market.