Cooler Master Real Power 550W PSu

With today's super-fast, power hungry processors and multi-GPU rigs, power supplies are getting a lot more attention than they used to.  DriverHeaven has taken a look new 550W PSU from the folks at Cooler Master, and they ended up liking it enough to give it an award.

"To follow up on the success of the Real Power 450W PSU, Cooler Master has released the new Real Power 550W SLI. It complies with both the Intel standard ATX 12V V 2.01 and SSI standard EPS 12V V2.1. They recommend the Real Power 550W as a viable solution for high end workstations and gaming rigs that contain those power hungry dual graphic card solutions based on SLI or Crossfire technology. The Real Power 550W PSU has dual output connectors for PCI Express VGA cards and has intelligent fan speed control and "real power" capacity that will help to maintain the stability and reliability of your computer system even at the most demanding moments."