Cooler Master QuaGate Mini R80, SimpleTech 1GB DDR PC4000, and more!

Hey folks, your news is a little late tonight since I fell asleep on the couch, watching the Sox vs Yankees game(Sox won). First off, Nvidia has released Forceware version 71.89, which fixes the SLI Overclocking bug among other things. Personally I'm still using the latest build of the Omega drivers with my 6800 GT and 9800 Pro, no complaints. Well, I'm working with one eye closed at the moment, so it's time for the news...

Cooler Master AquaGate Mini R80 @

"Cooler Master has been around for sometime now, always coming out with innovative high quality products. It seems like they have been very busy this year coming out with several new cooling systems, both liquid and air. Today we're going to be looking at one of their new low noise liquid cooling products, the Aquagate Mini 80, to see how they handle the heat from today's modern CPU's and see how it stands up to a high-end water cooling system."

Chaintech VNF4 Zenith Value Edition @ Neoseeker

"The processor bus was steadily pushed to the 300 Mhz mark with no hiccups. The Chaintech board then started hitting DFI territory in the 360 range but pressed on still. We were in fact able to push the processor bus all the way up to maxmimum of 400 Mhz and the Chaintech held up under Prime95 for roughly 19 hours before we called it a day."

SimpleTech 1GB DC DDR PC4000 @ Techniz

"These dual channels RAM are able to run at tight timing at 2-2-2-5 which is the best and basic requirement for a good memory module. Furthermore, by relax the timing to 3-4-4-8, the RAM was able to hit 275.3 MHz which is equal to DDR 550. That was an excellent result."

ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE i925XE LGA775 Motherboard @ Overclockers Australia

"OCAU has taken a look at the Fatal1ty AA8XE i925XE, ABIT's latest flagship motherboard for LGA775 P4 CPUs. It takes its cooling seriously - in fact, in this comparison with two motherboards from Intel and ASUS, it leaves one of them literally melted in its wake."