Cooler Master’s New Gaming Chairs Aim To Help You Keep Your Cool In The Heat Of Battle

hero cooler master gaming chairs
Cooler Master aims to keep gamers cool under pressure with two new gaming chairs touting the company’s COOL-IN technology. The Caliber X2C and Caliber R3C also come with multi-position armrests and the ability to recline from 90 to 180 degrees.

The company says the new gaming chairs were designed for unparalleled comfort and customization. Both models feature adjustable seat height, backrest recline, and adaptable armrests, providing for any style of gamer while at play or at rest.

cooler master r 3 c
Cooler Master Caliber R3C gaming chair.

Cooler Master’s COOL-IN technology is said to feel 1-2 degrees Celsius cooler than a regular gaming chair. It aims to enhance the overall comfort of a battle station or workstation by reducing chair-to-player heat exchange and humidity build-up. So, hopefully those intense battles won’t make the gamer sweat quite as much.

The technology provides cooling by extracting hot air from the body, and passing it through the COOL-IN fabric, which aids in lessening hot temps by exhaling cool and dry air back onto the surface of the seat. Cooler Master claims this helps reduce body heat, and allows sweat evaporation, heat convection, and makes the body feel cooler and dry.

cooler master x 2 c
Cooler Master Caliber X2C gaming chair.

Another feature of the COOL-IN fabric technology is that it is cat scratch-proof and dust repellent. This should make keeping the chair clean of grime, and clear of scratches from Fluffy much easier. [Editor's note: I read this out lout and my cats responded, "Challenge accepted."]

The company says it has put both chairs through rigorous durability tests, and ensured both can withstand everyday use with ease. The tests included using harsh materials that roll and put pressure down on the chair, and are said to be able to withstand up to 30,000 consecutive durability test runs without any fabric ripping, and up to 8,000 times without pilling.

Additional details on the Cooler Master Caliber R3C and X2C gaming chairs can be found on the company’s website. As of right now, there is not an option to buy, or a price listed for either chair.