Cooler Master Teases V8 3DVC Vapor Chamber Cooler To Chill Out CPUs Up To 300W

cooler master announced 300w tdp v8 3dvc air cooler and g11 aio
Every year at CES, Cooler Master seems to push the boundaries of gaming and PC hardware, such as with the lineup of gaming cockpits and peripherals last year. While we are excited to see what else is in store at CES 2024, the first items off the press from Cooler Master are rather cool, pun intended. The Cooler Master V8 3DVC and G11 AIO are CPU coolers designed to support up to a whopping 300W thermal load, making these prime for the beefiest CPUs to come.

Leading off the pack, the V8 3DVC is a bit of a wild and beefy air cooler, which is to be expected given the 300W rating. It features a redesigned vapor chamber paired with superconductive heat pipe technology, the latter of which reportedly “nearly doubles the Q-max for maximum heat transfer efficiency.” Beyond its performance and technical improvements, this cooler is also simply stylish. Your traditional air cooler fins are hidden in a matte black plastic case, which is end-capped by two Cooler Master fans, which you can see in the video below.

Besides the V8, the G11 AIO was also shown off and features a dual pump and dual chamber design to increase pressure and heat dissipation. This is supported by a 360mm radiator paired with two Mobius fans, which should be a good fit for a 300W TDP CPU. Of course, this cooler may be a little more bulky than traditional AIOs, but that bulk gives you better cooling and some style points. The main CPU block is a clean white plastic with RGB lighting and some Cooler Master logo flair on top, rounding out the design.

With either cooling system, you can expect to have solid performance and impressive looks that match the rest of your PC build. Sadly, Cooler Master has not yet announced release dates or prices, so be on the lookout for that from us here at HotHardware as we cover all the latest from CES 2024.

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