Conficker Eye Chart Developed

April 1st has come and gone, but researchers are convinced we haven't seen the last of the Conficker worm. While there are ways to determine if you are infected, the Conficker Working Group has posted a simple and visual aid to help as well.

The Conficker Working Group is a group of organizations that have joined forces to fight the Conficker worm.

According to the site, the work on the "test" was Joe Stewart from SecureWorks.

All you have to do is go to the page and view the images there, and compare them to the table of results. It will indicate if you have Conficker A, B, C or none of the above.

The test uses the fact that Conficker blocks certain security Web sites. The logos are derived from the sites themselves, so if they can't load, then the sites are also likely to be blocked.

Of course, it's possible that the tested computer's browser has image loading turned off. Firefox users can check under Tools/Options and the Content tab (make sure Load Images Automatically is checked).

For Internet Explorer, look under Tools/Internet Options, then the Advanced tab. Scroll down to Multimedia and Show Pictures should be checked.

For Chrome, that option isn't available, so if you're not seeing images, you could be in trouble.