Conan Pokes Fun Of Hobbled Final Cut Pro X Software In Video

There's a certain level of comedy associated with poking fun at any "big guy." If they're on top, for whatever reason, folks tend to think it's hilarious whenever someone makes an (accurate) jab at 'em. Such is the case with Apple. Years back, it was "M$" on the top, getting nailed by a flurry of jabs, and now the tables are turned. The once-little guy is now sitting on top in terms of mind share, market cap, stock price, etc., and while Microsoft obviously still rules the roost with desktop OS market share, it's pretty clear that Apple is the "popular" thing right now.

So, when the company revealed the newest version of their professional A/V editing software (Final Cut Pro X), many people were anxious to see how a download-only, $300 version would look. Had Apple really improved an already great piece of software, while charging dramatically less for it? Turns out, Apple actually ripped a ton of professional features from FCPX, and many avid users are steamed. The software has already been coined "iMovie Pro," which doesn't do serious cutters any good.

But of course, leave it to Conan to poke fun, and make a pretty serious issue in the pro editing world into something of a lolercoaster. You really just need to watch the video to see -- it's as good as it gets.