comScore Report: iPad Makes Up 97% Of US Tablet Browser Traffic

This probably won't come as any major surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to trends in technology, but the iPad has the lion's share of browsing. Shocking, we know! The fact is, the iPad and the iPad 2 are selling like hotcakes in the U.S., while other tablets are just struggling to be a player. That's the story in terms of sales, anyway.

Now, a new comScore report has found that a staggering 97% of all U.S. tablet browsing traffic can be tied back to the iPad. Nearly all. Impressive. When looking worldwide the iPad still makes up 89% of all tablet browser traffic. Given that other tablets were hitting the market (and continue to hit the market) just months after the iPad, it's really wild to see just how few people are using those "alternatives" to browse the web.

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