Computex: Intel Debuts New Core 2 Duo, ULV CPUs

Computex has up in full swing over in Taipei, and while we've already heard news from a few outfits, we have yet to see anything substantial from Intel. Until now. Today, the company is launching quite a few new products, with a trio of new Core 2 Duo processors leading the way. The T9900, P9700 and P8800 are all being debuted alongside the new Intel Pentium ULV SU2700 and Mobile GS40 Express Chipset.



To be completely candid, we would've much rather seen new Atom processors on deck, but we suppose we'll take what we can get. The idea here is for Intel to offer more products that can be used within the burgeoning "thin-and-light" market sector. With machines like Asus' Eee PC 1008HA and MSI's X-Slim X340, there's obviously a need for low-power, high-output chips in ultrathin notebooks.



In a press presentations (slides are all listed throughout; click any to enlarge), Intel confessed that sheer performance was still atop the minds of mobile users. That was followed closely behind by data protection, battery life and on-board wireless LAN. The company showed a clear understanding that "thin is in," with a survey showing that smaller devices such as a UMPC or netbook is twice as likely to be removed from the home setting as a standard, full-size notebook. We aren't told specifically when these chips will ship nor how expensive they'll be, but we anticipate Intel filling us in shortly.



In related news, the company also made a point to showcase its leadership in WiMAX deployment. Currently 16 OEMs have pledged WiMAX support, with 35+ certified models from six OEMs in America alone. It's not too far-fetched to think that Intel would try to push new notebooks with its new processors and built-in WiMAX modules, and we wouldn't even be surprised to see a few demo units on the Computex floor.