Computex 2010: OCZ's Revo Drive - Affordable PCIe SSD Performance

Consumer-grade SSDs are fast, without a doubt, but those who demand extreme performance at any cost, or perhaps for enterprise applications, the fastest SSDs on the market are PCI Express-based, like the ioDrive and ioXtreme from Fusion-io, for example. OCZ also offers their Z-Drive with similar performance, though while these speed demons are available for purchase, only a fraction of consumers can afford their sky high asking prices. As with most technology though, wait a few months and something faster, smaller, and more affordable with come along to shake things up a bit.

At Computex 2010, we were introduced to the OCZ Revo drive. This game changer is a PCIe based SSD that addresses two near-fatal flaws of Fusion's ioDrive - not bootable and crazy expensive. With read/write speeds exceeding 500MB/s, boot drive capability, and only a 15% price premium over current SSD options from OCZ, the Revo drive is set to make a significant impact on the SSD market and not just in the enterprise or workstation markets but at the consumer level as well.  Hit the video link for more details and a guided tour by the lovely Jessica from OCZ... 

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