CompUSA, We Hardly Knew The New You

After nearly a quarter-century of retail business, it seems that CompUSA will officially close their doors for the last time in early 2008.  This news follows an attempt started earlier this year to reorganize the chain and make it more efficient.  The timing of this announcement couldn't have been worse for any of the employees of the company who survived the early 2007 restructuring.

Here a little snip:

“Consumer electronics retailer CompUSA said Friday it will close its stores after the holidays following sale of the company to an affiliate of Gordon Brothers Group, a restructuring firm.
CompUSA operates 103 stores, which plan to run store-closing sales during the holidays.

Privately held CompUSA, controlled by Mexican financier Carlos Slim Helu's Grupo Carso SA, said discussions were under way to sell certain stores in key markets. Stores that can't be sold will be closed.”

Many industry analysts have weighed in on the possibility that retail as we know it will be radically altered if it is to survive the threat of e-commerce.  CompUSA may very well be remembered as one of the first major victims of a new way of shopping.
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