Comcast Spectacor To Drop $50M On Video Gaming eSports Arena In South Philly

Comcast Spectacor is a big name in the sports world, and it owns the Philadelphia Flyers. The company is set to expand in a major way into gaming with a new stadium that will be the very first meant specifically for eSports gaming. The investment into the stadium, called Fusion Arena, for now, is said to be $50 million.

comcast arena

The stadium will break ground this summer and will sit on a 47-acre stadium complex site that Comcast Spectacor currently leases in South Philadelphia. The arena will be smaller than a football or basketball stadium, seating 3,500 people and will be placed on a parking lot next to Xfinity Live! and will be within walking distance of Linc, Citizens Bank Park, and the Wells Fargo Center.

The dedicated stadium for eSports highlights how popular competitive gaming is right now. The stadium will house Comcast's Fusion Overwatch League team and is intended to be a major east coast hub for gaming events. We haven't heard much from the Overwatch League, or the game itself since the new character called Wrecking Ball launched last year. The area where the new eSports stadium will be located is seeing heavy investment by Comcast Spectacor with a $250 million investment in Wells Fargo Center and an $80 million 10-story office tower that is currently seeking tenants. The site might also see more projects according to sources familiar with plans.

Comcast Spectacor expects to hold 120 events per year in the new arena with events outside the gaming world like TED Talks, K-pop concerts, and other types of events planned. Fusion Arena is set to open in early 2021.