A Portly Hamster Named Wrecking Ball Is Overwatch's Newest Champion

overwatch wrecking ball 1
Overwatch has a new champion, and he's quite the shocker. His name is Hammond, and he is a genetically-engineered hamster that commands a mech and has taken on the alias "Wrecking Ball". If that seems a bit hard to swallow, remember, this is Overwatch we're talking about here. 

In combat mode, Wrecking Ball is a quadruped mech, traversing the landscape to unleash hamster-tinged death to all that oppose him with quad cannons. However, the mech suit can also convert into roll mode, which allows bumps up the maximum travel speed (and hence the name Wrecking Ball) and gives the him the ability to roll over opponents, inflicting damage. Rounding out his abilities are a Grappling Claw, an adaptive shield, the ability to pull off a piledriver move to crush opponents and the ability to lay proximity mines. 

The Grappling Claw is an especially destructive force, as Blizzard writes: 

[Grappling Claw is] a short-range ability that grips the environment, letting him swing across terrain gaps or around corners to smash enemies. Grappling Claw also allows Wrecking Ball to reach top speed and ram into foes, dealing destructive damage and knocking them back. 

overwatch wrecking ball 2
Wrecking Ball is described as "witting and conniving", and despite his small stature (by himself), he is able to project a sense of authority due to the fact that his mech "automatically translates his voice in a fittingly menacing tone". 

Hammond modified his escape pod to enter the lucrative mech battle arena of the Scrapyard. Working his way up the ranks, "Wrecking Ball" went from contender to champion, though the pilot's identity remained a mystery to all. Gathering his winnings, Hammond was able to upgrade his mech enough to survive the dangerous trek out of the Junker-controlled Outback. 

Blizzard says that Wrecking Ball is currently available for testing, and can be accessed via the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Region)