Comcast Rolls Out Xfinity xFi Real-Time Notifications For Home Network Management

Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway
Comcast is giving its Xfinity xFi customers more control over their home Wi-Fi network and those who access it with convenient, real-time push notifications. The notifications are sent to your smartphone, tablet and/or TV screen to let you know when a new device joins your network (i.e. xFi Advanced Gateway or another compatible xFi Wireless Gateway) or if your Wi-Fi settings have been changed (among other things).

These new notifications are in addition to existing Xfinity xFi features like parental controls, and the ability to immediately pause internet activity at the push of a button. The notifications will alert you to the following changes:

  • A new device joins your home network. Once identified (and approved by you of course), you can assign the device a name and assign into to your teenager, for example, and set parental controls to restrict access.
  • Your Wi-Fi SSID/network name is changed
  • Your Wi-Fi password is changed
  • If security settings are changed, i.e. your network being set to "open" without the need for a password
  • If your Wi-Fi network name is hidden (or unhidden)
  • If your IP address changes

xfi banner

Comcast first launched Xfinity xFi in mid-2017, and currently over 15 million customers have access. "There are other notifications that our engineers have designed to keep our customers informed about things happening to their home network.  For example, one notification will tell customers when their Xfinity Internet and xFi Gateway has been successfully activated for the first time," wrote Eric Schaefer, Comcast SVP and GM for data and mobility services.

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"Even without notifications enabled, customers can always keep tabs on new devices connecting to their home network as well as monitor any activity which could impact access to their network through the xFi Notification Center."